Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Stella the Seawolf
By Christine Caldwell Davis

Location: Private Collection

Stella the Seawolf was created by artist Christine Caldwell Davis. She is a First Nation sea lion creation. She was dancing outside of the PeaceHealth Medical Center in Florence when her new owner, Carol Davis, spotted her. Carol now owns Stella the Seawolf and she resides in Coos Bay. 
Her original sponsor was the PeaceHealth Foundation.


Christine Caldwell Davis

Project Name:  Stella the Sea Wolf

Christine Caldwell Davis was born an artist, and began drawing and experimenting with color at a very young age. A love of travel has allowed her to roam the western United States, Mexico, Greece and France, painting and teaching. 

An avid lover of the out of doors, her experiences have influenced her choice of both subject and color. She has white water rafted Oregon and Idaho rivers, camped, hiked and more recently spent her summers cruising the outside of Vancouver Island on her boat named “Reel Sketchy.” It was during her travels around the Ucluelet and Nootka areas that she was introduced to the art of the First Nation people.  That introduction provided her with a different view of wildlife.

Caldwell Davis is well known for her colorful representation of her subjects.  Be it portrait, still life or landscape she is always looking for a new approach for the viewer, either through color or interpretive view of the subject matter itself. 
There is a quote, “There is nothing new under the sun”, but she is always looking to entertain the viewer with a different view. When asked what her goal is she will most often say, “I would simply like to create a pleasant experience for the viewer, one that makes their world a happier brighter place while giving me an excuse to play in the paint box.”

Her favorite quote is by Winston Churchill who discovered painting late in life. He said he was taking a “Joy Ride in a Paint Box.” Christine continues to play in the paint box and loves every minute of it. 

Christine Caldwell Davis says she became involved with Dancing With Sea Lions for a couple of reasons. First she has always been an active volunteer in our community and has contributed many hours of support and art donations. But the most compelling reason of all was that she had a vision for Stella the Sea Wolf.  Christine said she felt strongly about bringing Stella to life and hopes you enjoyed the ride in her paint box.

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