Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Neptune's Breakers
Katie Miller

Location: Private Collection

Neptune’s Breakers was created by artist Katie Miller. She is now in private residence, horsing around in the Florence Area. 

Originally sponsored by C & M Stables.


Katie Miller

Project Name:   Neptune’s Breakers

The crashing waves and the spray that blows off the ocean on a windy day, combined with the powerful motion of galloping horses inspired artist Katie Miller to create Neptune’s Breakers. She wanted to balance nature with imagination and discovered Poseidon’s horses.  Capturing the spirit of both: the power of charging horses and the mist of the ocean, Neptune’s Breakers compliments both the curves of the sea lion sculpture and the rhythm both the waves and the sea lion in life.

This native Oregon artist is self-taught and works in several different mediums including colored pencil, marker, digital arts, and most recently acrylics.  Katie says that

animals—real and fantasy —are her inspirations, as are the rugged high desert, majestic mountains, and rocky shores of Oregon. Capturing the movement and life of the creatures and landscapes is her intent.

A resident of Florence for the last nine years, Katie Miller was born in Portland.  But it hasn’t been all city and coast.  Miller has lived in a variety of Oregon settings including Newberg, Dundee, and Bend.

Miller used Bondo glazing and spot putty – To repair a small hole/defect. Liquitex white gesso for her Surface prep.  Liquitex airbrush effects medium, for thinning paints. Liquitex soft-body acrylic paints. And finally Lascaux UV-1 gloss varnish.

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