Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Dancing With Sea Lions It's a Wild Thing By Ron Hildenbrand

It's a Wild Thing
Ron Hildenbrand

Location: Historic Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center, Waldport, OR

It’s a Wild Thing was created by artist Ron Hildenbrand. She can be found dancing on the north end of the Historic Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center in Waldport, OR, just before the bridge on the West side of Hwy 101. She was purchased by Sandra Guntrum and is dedicated in memory of her mother, Bunny Guntrum.

Originally sponsored by the Port of Siuslaw.


Ron Hildenbrand

Project Name:  It’s A Wild Thing

A life long artist, Ron Hildenbrand, attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago before starting his own package and label business.  He served in the Airforce, where as a staff sergent he ran the Graphic Department until he completed his service obligation.

Hildenbrand’s artistic endeavors continued after he left military life, when he moved to the California Bay area and worked as a designer in San Francisco before working in his own Fairfield, California art studio.  Before retiring to Florence he worked for thirty years in the sanitation industry.

An active member of the Florence Art community, Hildenbrand serves on the Florence Events Center Gallery and Florence Public Art Committees and is a member of the Florence Regional Arts Alliance.

With a passion for wildlife art, Hildenbrand has highlighted a portion of the wildlife in Oregon’s Central Coast area, including the Sea Lion.  From the finely featured birdlife, to the playful ocean otter, and the area’s black bear his passion shows through.  When asked what his goal was for his Dancing with Sea Lions project, he responded. “ To create a pleasing design that depicts the area wildlife.”  It’s A Wild Thing was born.

Hildenbrand used acrylic professional quality paint and varnish to protect his work.  Then as a final step the sea lion was professional clear coated at West Coat Body Shop.

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