Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Dancing With Sea Lions Gifts of the Sea By Kim Pickell

Gifts of the Sea
Kim Pickell

Location: Munsel Lake Road Private Residence where she can be viewed from the road.

Gifts of the Sea was created by artist Kim Pickell. She can be found dancing in front of a private residence on the South side of Munsel Lake Road in Florence. Her new owners, Jack & Bettina Hannigan, have nicknamed her “Gracie.” She is proudly displayed on their front yard close to the road so that she can be seen and enjoyed by everyone.  

Gifts of the Sea was originally displayed in front of the Newport Performing Arts Center, in Newport, OR, where she was sponsored by Umpqua Bank.


Kim Pickell

Project Name:  Gifts of the Sea

Born and raised in Montana, Kim moved to Florence in 1990 for a teaching job.  It has only been in the last 5 or so years that Oregon has really felt like “home”.   If asked what changed her outlook, she will tell you, “The beauty of this place and the friends who have become like family.”  

A graduate from The University of Montana Kim has a B.A. in Education and M.A. in Integrated Arts & Education.  A public school teacher for 25 years, Pickell currently, Pickell teaches Art and Ceramics at Siuslaw High School.   After all these years, she still enjoys her job and is inspired by her students each and every day.   Kim especially enjoys working in ceramics and mixed media.  

And her greatest blessings, well she says it’s her husband Jeff and their children, Meghan and Jack.

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