Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Dancing With Sea Lions Feeling Fabulous By Rosy Clark

Feeling Fabulous By Rosy Clark

Location: Banner Bank

Feeling Fabulous was created by artist Rosy Clark. She can be found dancing on the grass in front of Banner Bank at 777 Highway 101 in Florence. It makes her feel fabulous if you wave and smile when you go by. Originally sponsored by and now owned by Banner Bank.


Rosy Clark

Project Name: Feeling Fabulous

Born in the United Kingdom.  From a young age, Rosy has been a student of the arts and has always had a love for capturing the moment.  A passionate painter in a variety of medias, Rosy combines vibrant color with detailed designs from miniatures to large murals.

Now residing in Florence with her metal sculptor husband, Pancho, she is currently involved in preparing for personal up-coming gallery shows.  Rosy also continues to design and paint murals and public community projects for the City of Florence.

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