Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions

Dancing with Sea Lions


Dancing With Sea Lions Diver's Story By Kassy Keppol

Diver's Story
Kassy Keppol

Location: Oregon Pacific Bank

Diver’s Story was created by artist Kassy Keppol. She has many special memories to share of times spent together with her best friend. She can be found diving and dancing in front of her new location at Oregon Pacific Bank

Diver’s Story was originally dancing on the Old Town Boardwalk and was sponsored by Siuslaw Outreach Services.


Kassy Keppol

Project Name:  Diver’s Story

Artist Kassy Keppol designed Diver’s Story to tell the story of the friendship between a girl and her friend Porter. Across Porter’s body there are ten storybook picture panels showing different scenes of things they might be doing together. The picture panels are framed and connected with faux batik and henna designs. The whimsical scenes are meant to draw the eye and the patterns to capture.

Local school teacher, wife, and mother of four, Kassy Keppol is also a successful Children’s Book Illustrator. With a Masters certification in Children’s Book Illustration from Hollins University Keppol has published four books including: Sighing Upside Down, Sleeping in Dragon Wings, Blank Pages_Memoirs, and a Coloring Writing Journal. She currently is working on an MFA in Children’s book writing and illustrating.  In her spare time she is participating in the 12 by 12 challenge and illustrating a book of by her mother, —————— ———.  She is also an accomplished Henna Artist and has a small craft business called Dragon Art. To see more of her work visit Kassy Keppol.com and dragonart common Facebook.

The artist painted with resist and Acrylic. (The resist is removed after the layers of paint are added.)

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